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2) Indonesian Folk Music: 30's Impian Semalam Lyrics

                            Lilis Suryani Orkes Kroncong Bintang Djakarta Slamet Abimanyu

The original song has two verses, the first sung by a female and the reply by a male. In this instance, it is sung by Uji Rashid. The other version has only one verse and, in this instance by the Ohello Sisters.  It is a livelier one, with hip-shaking gyrations by the two lovely sisters.

I sing it time and again with The Silver Strings. We shall be performing it again on the 18th September (Sunday 3 - 4 pm), at the National Library Ground Floor (Hans Coffee House), at North Bridge Road.

Impian Semalam
The Dream Last Night

Written/Composed By Oei Yok Siang (Indonesia)
Translation by Andy Lim LA (Singapore)

You Tube video from:  Siaran Radio Malaya

 Waktu semalam bung, aku bermimpi       
Last night dear/brother/lover, I had a dream

Bertemu ular bung, besar sekali
Was confronted by a snake, a very large one

Ular mengiggit bung, jari-kaki ku
The snake dear, bit my toe

Sudah mengiggit bung, ular berlalu
After doing so, the snake moved away

 Ku picit picit bung darah keluar
As I pressed and pressed (the wound), it bled

Aku menjerit "Aduh!" hingga tersadar
I screamed, "Ouch," as I woke up

Apa kah itu bung, erti maksud nya?
What does it mean dear?

Impian semalam, sangat seram-nya?
This dream last night, a most frightful dream?

Jangan bimbang 'dek, jangan risaukan,
Don't worry dear, don't be too concerned

Itu hanya mimpi, cuma khayalan,
It's only a dream, just an illusion

Bila malam datang, bulan pun terang,
When night comes, the moon shines bright

Bintang pun bersinar, kelip-kelipan,
The stars too shine with twinkling lights

Kuntum yang di taman, sedang berkembang,
One flower in the garden, is in bloom now

Harum baunya aduh, sungguh menawan
Fragrant smelling, oh, it is most attractive

Dicium dipetik, bunga di taman
Kissed, then plucked, this flower in the garden

Itulah ertinya, impian semalam.
That's the meaning of your dream last night.

Version sung by: Uji Rashid.
                                              You Tube video from: Siaran Radio Malaya

The symbolism is obvious. The song depicts the experience of a pretty young maiden within the confines of flora and fauna. In her dream, the snake appears, bites her and disappears. As she relates her dream to her mother or friend, depending whether it's "bu" ("ibu" - mother), "bung" (brother), the interpretation is clear.

The interpretation is only one of many. Others believe it is just a song about a girl who had a nightmare that turned out to be a pleasant experience when she woke up in the morning.

This song is still very popular among the Indonesians, Malaysians and Singaporeans too, a classic which needs revival for its kampong and traditional beliefs and folklore.

Out of a list of about 77 Indonesian composers found on its *website, one name stands prominent because Oei Yok Siang wrote three of the Indonesian songs I am familiar with. They are Impian Semalam, Aksi Kucing and the very well-known Gambang Semarang. The other two are Idaman Gadis Teruna and Djaka Lodang. Comment anyone?
                                Silver Strings with Nick, Andy, Audie, Rickie, John and Mike

*Reference: Pt. Penerbit Karya Musik Pertiwi - Katalog Komposer. It is a music publisher at Jalan Kebon Jeruk No. XV. 13, Kelurahan Maphar, Kecamatan Tamansari, Jakarta Barat 11160.

Image: Indonesian singer Anggun, who does not sing this song.

Original article: Andy Lim Collection.
Translation is also original. Please credit writer if you copy it.


BC Teoh said...

Andy, this version of Impian Semalam sounds like the answer to the original version of Impian Semalam in the previous post, right?

It reminds me of Jim Reeves' "He'll Have to Go" and Skeeter Davis' "He'll Have to Stay"

Andy Young* said...

Yes it is BC. But it is ONE song, as both verses are usually sung by the same person. Not like Reeves and Skeeter.

There are versions where the 1st part is sung by a female and the 2nd by a male. Ideal.

Thanks for clearing the air. I now realise that I should have just put the two verses together.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

This posting has been revived today because the song will be performed on 18th September, 2016 at the main Singapore National Library at North Bridge Road.

Check out the words and sing it along together with The Silver Strings on that day.

The version sung that afternoon will be the fast beat one by Ohello Sisters.